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 Prevents spoilage and oxidation 
EverFresh completely eliminates residual oxygen in packages, not only keeping these products fresh, but extending shelf life as well.

 Improves Shelf Life and Quality 
EverFresh prevents discoloration by oxidation and package deformation caused by excess on-package CO2 gas.

 Reduces Costs and Helps Environment 
Use of EverFresh extends shelf life reducing the need for distributors to recall products due to spoilage. This not only brings down costs for the distributor, but minimizes waste as well.

 Prevents Insects 
EverFresh prevents insects, worms and their eggs from damaging the packaged product. EverFresh eliminates oxygen preventing insect damage to the packaged products.

 Numerous Applications 
EverFresh not only keeps food fresh but can also be used to protect various other products from oxidation including but not limited to: precision electronic components, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, medical equipment, clothing, and art, etc.

 Proven Excellence in Safty 
EverFresh products have been certified by government laboratories as non-toxic to humans if accidentally ingested, making it safe for numerous applications.

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